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High stakes online casinos certainly aren't for everybody in India. For some, gambling is a fun and relaxing pass time. There's nothing relaxing about highest limit online casinos and slots, however. This is where the serious gamblers come to play. Specifically, those looking to bet big and win even bigger. Obviously, everyone wants to win big. That doesn't mean that everyone is looking to take a big risk, though.

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Lucky Days Casino
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Slot Planet
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Dolly Casino
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By Ayman Jeet - Updated July 29, 2022

Reading time: 2 minutes

What are High Stakes Online Casinos in India?

High stakes online casinos are Indian gambling sites with significantly higher bets. For example, when comparing the same game between two casinos, the max bet at a lower stakes casino could actually be the minimum bet at a high stakes casino. Indeed, we're talking about a possible difference of double or even triple digits.

If you're new to gambling, or just online gambling, you might want to steer clear of high stakes sites with roulette and blackjack until you get a feel for how everything works. If you're not careful, your trip to the casino could be over before you know it. Not to mention your wallet might be a lot lighter as a result.

Highest Limit India Online Casinos and Slots

If you're comfortable with high stakes casinos in India, we can certainly help you find the highest limit online casinos and slots. If you're a high roller, you can definitely make a decent living this way. Without a doubt, there are plenty of gamblers who fund their lifestyles through high stakes gambling.

We're not always talking about slots, however. A lot of serious gamblers prefer games of skill over games of chance, and that's why they prefer high stakes sites with roulette and blackjack. Blackjack generally gives you the best overall odds in any given casino, with the house usually having just a 1 percent edge.

High Stakes Sites with Roulette and Blackjack

It's important to realize that casinos want your money. In order to get it, they're willing to lure you in with all sorts of bonuses and promotions. This is especially so for high stakes casinos, because there's so much money on the line.

That's why these sites usually offer really nice VIP programs for loyal players that spend a lot on a regular basis. So be sure to be on the lookout for these promotions.

Online gambling isn't just about winning. It's about maximizing your money in any way you can, and that includes taking advantage of every bonus offer that comes your way. The next time you're looking for some quality high stakes sites with roulette and blackjack, be on the search for those loyalty programs.

High stakes online casinos India


What is a high stake online casino?
It refers to casinos that only take higher bets and wagers.
What is the highest limit of online casino?
These are for high rollers who look for online casinos and slots.
What are the best high stakes casino games?
There are games of chance and games of skills. Most high rollers prefer games of skill.
Do high stakes games have VIP and loyalty programs?
High rollers often spend big money and it is why casinos have enticing VIP and loyalty programs to lure spending.
Can I play high stakes games for free?
You can play them for free – but you can’t end up winning any money by playing these versions.
Is there a way I can increase my chances of winning in high stakes games?
We can recommend you to do in this regard is to find the high stakes game with the highest RTP rate. RTP stands for Return to Player – and the higher it goes, the more money will the game pay out to the player on average.
Do gambling strategies differ for high stakes gambling?
The biggest thing for everyone is having a bankroll management plan to help stretch out their betting dollars. No matter how much you’re working with, if you’re not using a bankroll management plan, you’re running a higher risk of depleting your bankroll completely.
Should a beginner play any high stakes game?
No. Regardless of the amount of money you’re willing to lose, don’t start with a high stake game. That’s because these games are riskier for players that don’t have a winning strategy. Thus, a beginner can end up losing a significant amount of money.
What are the stakes in an online casino?
The stakes are the amount you bet per round in a casino, either on roulette, blackjack, slots or other games. For example, if you play slots for ₹1 per spin, your stake is ₹1. If you bet ₹10 or more per spin, you play with high stakes, at least in our opinion, but what really is considered a high bet is open to interpretation.
Can I get high stakes free spins?
Most free spins are set at the lowest possible value in the slot to minimize the risk for the casino. However, some casinos offer more valuable free spins as a part of their welcome offer or loyalty rewards. These free spins are often given slightly different names, like super spins or mega spins, to set them apart from the regular low-value spins.

Welcome Bonus

100% up to ₹100,000

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