Indian NetBanking Casinos and Betting Sites

There are a lot of payment services out there, but with Indian NetBanking casinos, you don't have to worry about any of them. That's because NetBanking is simply short for Internet banking. These casinos let you transfer money directly from your Indian banking account. Without a middleman getting in the way, it couldn't be easier. That's why so many choose to gamble at an online real money casino with NetBanking.

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By Ayman Jeet - Updated March 31, 2023

Reading time: 4 minutes

What are NetBanking Casinos and Betting Sites?

When you use an Indian NetBanking casino, you're transferring money using NEFT, which stands for National Electronic Fund Transfer. It allows for both deposits and withdrawals, which is a huge plus. Having to use two different services to get money in and out of the sports betting site or online casino is a hassle.

Furthermore, another big incentive to using an online real money casino with NetBanking is that there are no transaction limits.

Yes, casinos will impose a minimum deposit. That's standard, but that's also the only requirement that you have to worry about.

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Indian Real Money Casino Online with NetBanking

One important thing to know about when using NetBanking is that the transfer times are generally much longer than when using a payment service. It can be incredibly frustrating having to wait up to a week for your money to hit the casino or betting site. It's important to plan in advance to make sure your money is there when you need it to be.

Having said all that, that's pretty much the only downside. Plus, that's not always the case. Some Indian online casinos, especially ones that support NEFT, offer super quick transfers that can take as little as an hour. Again, like so many things, it depends on the casino.

How do Casinos that Accept NetBanking Payments Work?

Getting started with NetBanking is a little different than using most payment services. For most payment options, you simply go to the casino's cashier page and select the option you want. However, with NetBanking, it's pretty much the other way around. You'll need to get the casinos info and then give that to your bank.

Truthfully, there's a lot more work involved when transferring money directly between your bank and a betting site. That's not a bad thing, though. This is your bank account that we're talking about. You want all that added security. It's worth it, too, because once it's all connected, transferring money back and forth is a breeze.


What does NetBanking mean?

NetBanking means internet banking.

What is a NetBanking casino?

It means that the casino accepts National Electronic Fund Transfer (NEFT) to make both withdrawals and deposits.

Is NetBanking a faster payment option?

Money transfers using NetBanking is slower than when using payment services such as Neteller and Skrill.

How do you make payments through NetBanking?

For payment services, you go to the casino and select the payment method of your choice. As for NetBanking, it is the opposite. You will give the casino details to your bank and the bank will release the funds.

Are NetBanking casinos safe?

Yes, there are many safe NetBanking casinos. Although, not all casinos are safe and you should only use reputable gambling sites.

Does NetBanking have any limits when depositing & withdrawing?

That depends on your bank and the casino you are using. NetBanking itself has no limits, instead, the operators using the service or retrieving the money can make their own limits.

Do all online casinos accept NetBanking?

No, not all casinos in India support NetBanking. You can find all the best NetBanking casinos in this specific guide.

How to withdraw from online casinos with NetBanking?

To withdraw funds from a casino with Netbanking, you have to verify your identity to the casino. Then you make a withdrawal using Netbanking as your preferred method. It only requires a few clicks.

Are there any extra charges when using NetBanking?

Yes, in most cases, NetBanking comes with additional fees and charges, especially when you withdraw money from a casino using NetBanking in India.

Are there any terms and conditions for using NetBanking?

All casinos, banks, and payment services have terms and conditions. It’s your task as a customer to read these terms and ensure that you understand them BEFORE you using any of the related services. Terms and conditions can always be found on a casino or bank’s website.

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