Best Live Dealer Baccarat Online in India

Online Baccarat at live casinos in India might not be as well understood as poker or blackjack, but it has deep roots in the casino scene. Not only that, it's still incredibly popular to this day. It's simply been overshadowed by other games. There are plenty of people who still love to play live Baccarat with real money and dealers. It might be worth seeing what the fuss is all about.

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What is Online Baccarat?

Outside of James Bond movies, people really don't know a lot about Baccarat. If you're not familiar with the game, there's something important that you should know. Online Baccarat is all about luck. While it's sometimes portrayed as a game of skill, it's pretty much complete chance.

The premise is simple. The dealer deals cards for both themselves and the player. Then, whichever hand is closest to nine is the winning hand. However, that isn't how you win the bet. Despite the fact that you are the player, the player's hand winning means virtually nothing by itself.

You have to bet on either hand – the player or the dealer – and you win if you chose the winning hand. It might sound confusing, and there is a bit more to it, but it's an incredibly simple game and you can play both live, and RNG based versions of the game at any Indian online casino.

Play Live Baccarat with Real Money

Games of chance have always been a big part of the casino experience. Online Baccarat at live casinos is no different. Essentially, people love games where luck is a big factor. That's because uncertainty makes things exciting.

When you are to place a bet, there is  always a bit of skill in involved, however. When you play the game with real money, that's where you get to choose. For example, the dealer has slightly better odds, but a lower payout.

Additionally, ties pay out 8 to 1, but they're rare. Then there are are different types of Baccarat live games, which offer different bets and variations on the rules.

Different Types of Live Games

Just as with many card games, there are different types of online Baccarat live games. The most popular variant, Punto Banco, actually involves even less player input than the traditional version. Regardless, Punto Banco is so popular that it's actually available in a lot of casinos.

Historically, Baccarat has been a game for high rollers, but in recent years it has become available to all players. Due to its accessibility, it's becoming more and more popular to play live Baccarat with real money. If you want to give it a spin, our lists can point you in the right direction.


Frequently asked questions (FAQ)  

What is Online Baccarat?
Online baccarat is among the most popular games of chance that you can play at online casinos.
How do I play Baccarat?
The dealer hands both you and themselves cards. Whoever hits nine or the closest to nine is the winner. However, you only win if you had placed a bet on either yourself or the dealer to win.
Can I play live Baccarat and win real money?
Most online casinos offer baccarat. Many players prefer to take their chances and often win real money.
Are there types of Baccarat I should know?
Similar to card games baccarat also have many game variants. For instance, the Punto Banco.