Best AstroPay Casinos in India

If you like to gamble online in India, but you aren't crazy about giving out your financial information, consider AstroPay casinos. AstroPay is a prepaid service, so when you're playing at an online real money casino with AstroPay, you don't need to give them any of your own info. All they need is your AstroPay information, and that account will only have as much money as you decide to put into it. It's a safe, secure way to play online.

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By Ayman Jeet - Updated March 30, 2023

Reading time: 4 minutes

What are AstroPay Casinos in India?

To be completely honest, gambling online in India is largely safe. That being said, there's nothing wrong with being cautious. After all, as rare as they are, scams do happen. Prepaid payment solutions like AstroPay help fight against this. By transferring to a prepaid service, the casino only has access to that amount of money.

Essentially, if they are crooked (they're almost definitely not), they can only access that money. It provides a nice, solid wall between the casino and your actual finances.

That's just one of several reasons to play at an online real money casino with AstroPay.

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Online Real Money Casinos in India

Another thing that AstroPay casinos can protect you from is yourself. We've all been there. You're down more than you'd like to be, but you feel your luck starting to turn. The only problem is, your luck isn't turning, and you end up just losing even more money. With a prepaid option, you can limit your deposit to what you'd be comfortable losing.

If you have the Indian online casino directly linked to your bank account, there's nothing stopping you from plowing through your savings. With AstroPay, you can decide how much you're willing to lose, and only deposit that amount. That way, your worst case scenario isn't that bad at all.

How do Casinos that Accept AstroPay Payments Work?

Making deposits with AstroPay is just as easy as using any other method.

Find the casino you want to play at, go to their cashier page (or whatever page deals with payments), and choose AstroPay. That is, of course, assuming that they accept it. A lot of casinos do, but not all of them. And keep in mind that I said making deposits, not withdrawals.

Being a prepaid service, you cannot use AstroPay to withdrawal money. For all the benefits that come with using a preloaded card, that's the major downside. You'll have to find another option for taking your money back out of the casino. However, for the safety and security that they provide, most consider the hassle to be well worth it.


What is AstroPay casino?

AstroPay is a safe way to play online without revealing your financial transactions.

AstroPay is a safe way to play online without revealing your financial transactions.

It is a prepaid service where you load the amount you wish to wager, then use it to pay the casino without disclosing any of your personal information.

Why is AstroPay beneficial to the player?

It is a way of responsible gambling. You only load the amount you wish to spend.

How does AstroPay compare to personal banks?

You can link your bank to your casino and plough through your savings but AstroPay is a prepaid service not affiliated to anyone.

Is it legal to use AstroPay in India?

Yes, there are no restrictions for using AstroPay, as it is legal in India.

How does AstroPay work?

It works the same as credit and debit cards with a few differences. For one, the amount of money stored in the AstroPay card is fixed. You can use it without divulging your personal information, such as your name and bank details. You can use it for any online transactions, including playing on online gambling sites. You have the option to choose your preferred currency.

Is it safe to use AstroPay Card when playing casino online?

AstroPay Card is one of the safest ways to deposit in your online casino.

What is the minimum and maximum amount to deposit via AstroPay?

The minimum deposit is 1000 INR, while the maximum amount is 35,000 INR. However, every online casino has its own set of rules, including the minimum deposit you can make using AstroPay Card.

Is there any fee?

Depositing funds in your casino account is usually free of charge when you use an AstroPay card. The only fee that you will need to incur is when you upload your virtual card. It is just a small amount, though.

Is the deposit instant?

One of the advantages of using AstroPay is the instant deposit.

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